* We visited La Gomera in 2017 for the first edition of the map when paths were cleared and the signposted routes weren't ready yet. In our last two visits (end of 2019 and 2020), we noted that the Cabildo had changed some routes. We will take them into account in the next edition (2022?). There aren't any changes for the GR 131, 132 and the marked footpaths of the National Park.


* The Route 6, a circular hike from Vallehermoso, runs through Simancas. Track>>

* The Route 17 isn't a circular one but a linear hike from La Dama to Chipude. Track>>

* The Route 21 was signposted in 2017 as a short hike from Alajeró to the Drago de Agalán. In 2019 this route is a circular hike from Alajeró and runs through the hamlets of Igualero and Arguayoda. Track>>

* The Route 26 has also a change: It doesn't run through La Manteca but along the GR 132 to Arguayoda. Track>>

* The Route 28 doesn't cross Playa del Cabrito. It leads directly from Chapa Ravelo to Playa La Guancha. Track>>

>> In 2019 the Route 41, a circular hike from Enchereda, was signposted. Track>>


If you find any change or correction, please contact me: . Thank you!