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    New set of 4 maps 1:25.000

    Available since February 2021

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    After the accurate and reliable maps of La Palma (2017), La Gomera (2018) and Tenerife (2019), the publishing house Alpina (widely known in mainland Spain and in the Balearic Islands for its detailed hiking maps) has published a set of 4 maps of Gran Canaria: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast, at a scale of 1:25.000. The signposted paths: S and SL routes had been marked as well as important heritage sites such as: Water sources, conduits and filtration galleries, threshing floors. Also included are sites of touristic interest such as: Viewpoints, campsites, information centres and other attractions.


    The threshing floors, important heritage sites, are also represented on the map.









    The publishing house Editorial Alpina would like to thank our local collaborators


    Maps review: Mariano Domínguez "Madogu"

     Mariano Domínguez "Madogu", José Juan "Yosoyvida", David "Baler" 

    Collaborators: David "Baler", Antonio García "Tonoguanche"
    , Yeray Ojeda, Francisco Pérez "Fraper", José Juan "Yosoyvida"


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